chanel jumbo beige caviar gold hw europe

this photo one of my clients in Europe sent me is just toooooo stunning for words!

this is just one of those great examples of when you rock that outfit and put it together in such a chic and classic way complemented with a classic such as the chanel jumbo gold hw in caviar beige  from my vip website.. and its … like.. wow!


just take a look at this photo, study it carefully. you think for 1 second if you met her you would think this bag was a replica?

no way! all you would be thinking is ….

wow.. what a stunning look she has put together

she is timeless, elegant, and btw what a beautiful chanel she has on her arm!


when i started selling chanels and making these beautiful bags for my clients i wanted to make sure that i created bags that were just like the authentic in every way possible

so that you , can put the ultimate looks together and feel completely confident

but not pay $5000 dollars for the bag!

if you would love to work with me on your dream bag

pls email me at

and i can grant you access to my exclusive vip website with my chanel bags


amazing outfit chanel jumbo beige double flap

neverfull damier mm follow up

a super cute follow up story!


so this beautiful pic is taken by one of my clients who is an amazing photographer

which bag would she bring on her adventures? a jessy jade bag neverfull in damier ebene ofcourse! duh!

she has had this beautiful bag for a little over a year now and she is loving how it is wearing same as the authentic one and sent me this pic to share!

you may recognize her from her various reviews on her jessy jade collection on youtube!

she recently purchased a rose ballerine neverfull in monogram, a eva woc , and a totally bag (for her mom for mothers day)  fingers crossed she will do an unboxing for you ladies to see! in the mean time hop on to youtube

search jessy jade bag and find all the great reviews including hers she has posted

im so blessed to have client that not only love their bags, but post a review about them or share a pic of how they are enjoying their bag.

you can find your dream neverfull bag here in the louis vuitton section of my website

click here to see my neverfulls!


saint laurent classic Prada saffiano follow up!

so one of my lovely clients from the middle east (KSA)

she is  coming up on a HUGE mile stone in her life…  she is in  getting ready to graduate  college.and about to get married! eek so excited for  her!

we have been working together on her dream bags (and her family and friends )

for about 2 years now?!  how time flies!

she has an amazing collection from me that is growing all the time!

here is a pic she wanted to share of her beautiful prada saffiano in gray


and her friend’s black classic saint laurent! both bags were ordered with me as part of a group order for her family and friends.



here is a link to the black saint laurent from my site that she ordered

black saint laurent click here

and the beautiful prada saffiano in gray


study buddies! prada saffiano and saint Laurent classic

this week im very proud AND excited to be working on her wedding day handbag!

she is going with a stunning dior lady in the mini size (her sister already has a medium size from me and she loves it), if she is kind enough to submit a pic ill be sure to post it for you ladies to see!

this is going to be the bag she rocks on her special day and honeymoon!

she wanted me to tell all of you out there in the handbag world …   that she has been using this bag none stop for 4 months and its holding up sooo well and that she is super pleased with the quality.

she also told me that she would like to post a video review updating some of her purchases and how they have held up..  which would be amazing to see right?!



louis vuitton rose ballerine and chanel chain around bag

so i wanted to highlight today a feature one of my best clients over the years

this gal from new york has a crazy amazing jessyjadebag collection

she has been ordering with me for years and years (time goes by faster than we think lol)

and i wanted to share with you some of her purchases! and share she posted to me personally via email as well as on instagram of some of her favorite purchases

so below is her order of the chain around bag in black ! it has such a funky distressed look

but at the same time remains very classic chanel.

so this gal from new york loves her chanel from jessy jade bag and her starbucks!


remember that for my vip website its special and requires access by password

if you would like to order your dream chanel bag

pls email me at my email address

and my vip site is

chanel chain around bag from

another super cute purchase she made from me

was this rose ballerine wallet !

as a pink lover myself who can resist the new rose ballerine color by louis vuitton?

here is the link to the wallet and all things rose ballerine on my site

click here to shop rose ballerine on my site!


rose ballerine from

Chanel Classic woc jessyvip review

hey everyone! so i just had to share these super cute pics my client megan sent me!

she ordered this chanel classic woc from me last month (as well you may know her from a few youtube videos she posted reviewing some of her  jessy jade purchases !)


this woc is SUCH a classic you can find it on my vip website

if you are not yet a vip member you can reach out to me via my email address and ill add you on my vip access list!

also my main website for other brands is


this one can be worn os many ways and its very well priced with free express shipping

perhaps thats why its one of my all time top sellers !

have a look at how miss megs rocks this woc!



Prada saffiano bn1801 medium double zip

i wanted to share this super cute pic one of my clients megs sent me!

she jetted off to new york for vacation and was super excited to carry her new prada saffiano she purchased from me. you may know her from youtube , she posted s a cute review of this bag on her youtube channel.


here is the pic she just sent me from her travels!

you can find this bag on my website here

prada saffiano click here

prada saffiano bn1801 jessyjade bag

updates and reflection

oh my goodness! so much time has gone by since I have updated my blog!

you ladies have been keeping us so busy with all of your dream bag requests.

Sometimes its hard to believe its been almost 5 years since I started selling dream bags!

Over the years ive been blessed to meet so many amazing clients for all walks of life!

We have expanded our staff, added our vip website


I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of THE most memorable emails ive received over the years! It was hard to narrow them down as there have been so many great ones!


here are a few of my favorite client memories —-

so “miss G” as we will refer to her in this post. has been my client for years now and I just sent her a few more goodies for an up coming trip she had this week!  I realize that each and every chance i have to send them dream bags is a huge blessing! ive lost count as to how many dream bags and items she as purchased.




next is a “new client” , who has an amazing Balenciaga collection plus other brands from me.  she just found out about my website about 6 months ago. miss “h” as we shall refer to her has wasted no time in building an amazing collection of bal bags! so if you love bal bags def checkout this video, talk about “new year , new bal bags”! she literally has a different balenciaga bag for each day of the week!


and this lovely email and photo i received after her first purchase


ill post more reviews soon!

here is the video i made of her collection before i sent it off to her


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