Celine Pebbled Luggage Jessy jade bag Review

If you know about jessy jade bags and my reviews youll know that i have some great videos on celine bags

to order yours visit my website


celine bags can come in many sizes ranging from the

celine mini, which is the largest

the celine micro which is the medium

and the nano which is the smallest size with strap

There are 2 leathers for this bag the textured which is pebbled

and the smooth calfskin

and it comes in  a wide array of fun colors

here is where you can see the celines on my website


i wanted to do a feature on this beautiful dark blue celine pebbled mini luggage from one of my regular clients and the pic she sent of her jessy jade bag celine in action!

celine mini luggage pebbled blue jessy jade bag review
celine mini luggage pebbled blue jessy jade bag review

she goes to college in the usa and needed something that was large enough to hold all of her class essentials


here is her email upon receiving her amazing celine!

best  part of my day is hearing back from you ladies once you get your bags!

to order your very own celine visit my website



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