updates and reflection

oh my goodness! so much time has gone by since I have updated my blog!

you ladies have been keeping us so busy with all of your dream bag requests.

Sometimes its hard to believe its been almost 5 years since I started selling dream bags!

Over the years ive been blessed to meet so many amazing clients for all walks of life!

We have expanded our staff, added our vip website www.jessyvip.cn


I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of THE most memorable emails ive received over the years! It was hard to narrow them down as there have been so many great ones!


here are a few of my favorite client memories —-

so “miss G” as we will refer to her in this post. has been my client for years now and I just sent her a few more goodies for an up coming trip she had this week!  I realize that each and every chance i have to send them dream bags is a huge blessing! ive lost count as to how many dream bags and items she as purchased.




next is a “new client” , who has an amazing Balenciaga collection plus other brands from me.  she just found out about my website about 6 months ago. miss “h” as we shall refer to her has wasted no time in building an amazing collection of bal bags! so if you love bal bags def checkout this video, talk about “new year , new bal bags”! she literally has a different balenciaga bag for each day of the week!


and this lovely email and photo i received after her first purchase


ill post more reviews soon!

here is the video i made of her collection before i sent it off to her



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