chanel jumbo beige caviar gold hw europe

this photo one of my clients in Europe sent me is just toooooo stunning for words!

this is just one of those great examples of when you rock that outfit and put it together in such a chic and classic way complemented with a classic such as the chanel jumbo gold hw in caviar beige  from my vip website.. and its … like.. wow!


just take a look at this photo, study it carefully. you think for 1 second if you met her you would think this bag was a replica?

no way! all you would be thinking is ….

wow.. what a stunning look she has put together

she is timeless, elegant, and btw what a beautiful chanel she has on her arm!


when i started selling chanels and making these beautiful bags for my clients i wanted to make sure that i created bags that were just like the authentic in every way possible

so that you , can put the ultimate looks together and feel completely confident

but not pay $5000 dollars for the bag!

if you would love to work with me on your dream bag

pls email me at

and i can grant you access to my exclusive vip website with my chanel bags


amazing outfit chanel jumbo beige double flap

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