louis vuitton rose ballerine and chanel chain around bag

so i wanted to highlight today a feature one of my best clients over the years

this gal from new york has a crazy amazing jessyjadebag collection

she has been ordering with me for years and years (time goes by faster than we think lol)

and i wanted to share with you some of her purchases! and share she posted to me personally via email as well as on instagram of some of her favorite purchases

so below is her order of the chain around bag in black ! it has such a funky distressed look

but at the same time remains very classic chanel.

so this gal from new york loves her chanel from jessy jade bag and her starbucks!


remember that for my vip website its special and requires access by password

if you would like to order your dream chanel bag

pls email me at my email address jessyjadebag@aol.com

and my vip site is


chanel chain around bag from jessyvip.cn

another super cute purchase she made from me

was this rose ballerine wallet !

as a pink lover myself who can resist the new rose ballerine color by louis vuitton?

here is the link to the wallet and all things rose ballerine on my site

click here to shop rose ballerine on my site!


rose ballerine from http://www.jessyjadebags.com

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