neverfull damier mm follow up

a super cute follow up story!


so this beautiful pic is taken by one of my clients who is an amazing photographer

which bag would she bring on her adventures? a jessy jade bag neverfull in damier ebene ofcourse! duh!

she has had this beautiful bag for a little over a year now and she is loving how it is wearing same as the authentic one and sent me this pic to share!

you may recognize her from her various reviews on her jessy jade collection on youtube!

she recently purchased a rose ballerine neverfull in monogram, a eva woc , and a totally bag (for her mom for mothers day)  fingers crossed she will do an unboxing for you ladies to see! in the mean time hop on to youtube

search jessy jade bag and find all the great reviews including hers she has posted

im so blessed to have client that not only love their bags, but post a review about them or share a pic of how they are enjoying their bag.

you can find your dream neverfull bag here in the louis vuitton section of my website

click here to see my neverfulls!



2 thoughts on “neverfull damier mm follow up

  1. Jessy, I love my bag my daughter gave me for mother’s day. it is the perfect size,It’s the Louis Vuitton PM size. I can now hear my phone when it rings because of the side pockets. I just love it!!! thank you for always working with her to find the perfect bag.


    1. aww thank you miss elizabeth!! that’s so sweet of you to share. your daughter is a complete delight to make dream bags for. thank you so much for your kind words , always a pleasure. ps. im hoping to post your super cute pic on my blog of you and megs with your bags! thank you so much for sharing. respectfully, jessy


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