saint laurent classic Prada saffiano follow up!

so one of my lovely clients from the middle east (KSA)

she is  coming up on a HUGE mile stone in her life…  she is in  getting ready to graduate  college.and about to get married! eek so excited for  her!

we have been working together on her dream bags (and her family and friends )

for about 2 years now?!  how time flies!

she has an amazing collection from me that is growing all the time!

here is a pic she wanted to share of her beautiful prada saffiano in gray


and her friend’s black classic saint laurent! both bags were ordered with me as part of a group order for her family and friends.



here is a link to the black saint laurent from my site that she ordered

black saint laurent click here

and the beautiful prada saffiano in gray


study buddies! prada saffiano and saint Laurent classic

this week im very proud AND excited to be working on her wedding day handbag!

she is going with a stunning dior lady in the mini size (her sister already has a medium size from me and she loves it), if she is kind enough to submit a pic ill be sure to post it for you ladies to see!

this is going to be the bag she rocks on her special day and honeymoon!

she wanted me to tell all of you out there in the handbag world …   that she has been using this bag none stop for 4 months and its holding up sooo well and that she is super pleased with the quality.

she also told me that she would like to post a video review updating some of her purchases and how they have held up..  which would be amazing to see right?!




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